Owning a waterfront home in Newport Beach, California is a dream for many. These homes are some of the most highly sought-after properties for their unbeatable location on the glistening Pacific Ocean. They set the standard for luxury living by offering outstanding amenities, like media rooms, fitness centers, and custom swimming pools. This is not to mention the most desirable view in all of California. Beachfront homes in Newport Beach are exclusive to only those who are willing to pay the multi-million dollar price tag.

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Explore Waterfront and Beachfront Homes in Newport Beach, CA

Waterfront and beachfront homes for sale in Newport Beach are among the most desirable in the state for their phenomenal location, though they are some of the most expensive on the market. But there’s good reason why so many homebuyers pay for these multi-million dollar estates.

With innovative architecture and ultra modern designs, these homes take elegance and sophistication to the next level. Everyone who passes by these homes are taken aback at their utter beauty. You’ll be proud to live in such a desirable home.

Many waterfront properties in Newport Beach provide every necessity to ensure a comfortable lifestyle. It’s common to find homes with fitness centers, home theaters, and temperature controlled wine cellars. This is not to mention all of the features located in the backyard. They typically have custom swimming pools that are finished with opulent water features and fire bowls. In these backyards, entertainment has never been easier.

To maximize the gorgeous views of the water, these homes usually have large windows or fold out doors. This allows the indoor living spaces to flow seamlessly into the outdoors. This sense of flow carries through the entirety of the home with open-concept living spaces.

Newport Beach’s shoreline has a mix of landscapes, creating a variety of waterfront properties. You can find homes with beach, rock, or seawall shorelines.

What to Consider Before Buying a Waterfront Home

If you have a yacht that you would like to have convenient access to, make sure you look for homes that have private docks or that have the capability of getting a dock permit. Some properties in Irvine don’t allow for private docks, so make sure to ask your real estate professional about this.

When buying a waterfront property, you should also consider what type of shoreline you prefer. Newport Beach has a variety of landscapes on the shore, such as beach, rock, and seawall. Oftentimes, it’s the shoreline that determines what you can and cannot do in terms of docks and water sports.

The Pros and Cons of Waterfront Homes

One advantage of living in a waterfront home is that your property will always have a fantastic view. Since you’re located on the water, no construction will ever be built in your line of view, making these homes desirable for years and years to come.

Another benefit of investing in a beachfront home in Newport Beach is that the property value appreciates unlike any other piece of real estate. As waterfront land become more scarce, the existing properties sell for millions of dollars.

One of the disadvantages of living on the water is that you get a lot of traffic. If not private, waterfront neighborhoods tend to get a lot of vehicle traffic. In addition to land traffic, these homes get quite a bit of water traffic from boats and such. To hide the noise, many properties in Irvine have strategic landscaping around their properties.

Waterfront homes tend to have more upkeep than other properties because of their proximity to the water. Expect these homes to have quite a bit of landscaping work, as well as general maintenance.

Even so, you’ll find that buying a waterfront or beachfront home in Newport Beach is one of the best decisions you’ll ever make. You’ll love living on the water in this beautiful California city!

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