“If Jacqueline can’t sell our house, no one can.” My husband and I concluded after meeting with Jacqueline.

We were shopping for new representation after 5 months on the market, 50+ showings, and 0 written offers. Our previous real estate agent was a friend, neighbor, and the top performing buyers’ agent for our community. We were aggressive, hands-on and pushed our agent relentlessly after every showing. Interest was high, but verbal offers were slipping through our fingers.

After interviewing 15+ top local realtors, we had effectively experienced the entire spectrum of real estate agent stigma. There was so much greasiness, so much overpromising, and just so much plain old BS, we had about lost all faith in real-estate-agent-humanity. Until we met Jacqueline.

Given her prestigious rank as one of the top realtors in The OC, we had been expecting a snobby RHOC (Real Housewives of Orange County for those of you who don’t know) character but were pleasantly surprised by quite the opposite – a hardworking, down-to-earth, powerful Ladyboss.

Our situation was unique in that we were one of the first resales in Hidden Canyon, a new construction community. We questioned her ability to convince potential buyers and appraisers of the value of our house, since the market comps were not yet established. We questioned her commitment to Hidden Canyon, since she is the reigning Queen of Shady Canyon. We questioned her loyalty to our listing, as she had 20 other active listings at the time. Despite all our doubts, it was clear she was our best bet.

During one of our conversations, she joked that she could sell our house “within seconds” once her photographer was done with it. We all laughed it off.

Well… she sold our house BEFORE the photographer was done.

After we signed, Jacqueline brought us our first written offer within 24 hours. A second offer came in 10 days later, and escrow was opened within 20 days of listing.

Jacqueline is the real deal. She is aggressive, proactive, laser sharp focused, yet personable. From the get-go Jacqueline was super hands-on, almost terrifyingly responsive, and always a step ahead of the game. She has a no BS approach, and will tell it like it is, whether you like it or not. Jacqueline is the kind of professional you bring in to “finish the job.” You want her on your team, and most definitely not on the opposite team.

If Jacqueline can’t sell your house, no one can.

John and Nina Inagawa

Dear Jacqueline:

Just wanted to drop you a note to tell you how pleased we are with you and your team (Carly and Scott) on the sale of our home in Shady Canyon as well as a purchase of a lot in Corona del Mar. Your expertise, creativity, ability to be responsive to short time tables, accommodation to our calendars and sensitivity to our needs is noticed and greatly appreciated.

We appreciate the outstanding advice about how to prepare our home for sale and the home brochures were beautiful. We acknowledge how hard you worked and it was obvious that you demonstrated a great understanding of contract details, negotiation etiquette and documentation.

We really appreciated your calm reassurance and expert advice throughout the entire process. Jacqueline you are the outstanding professional we were looking for and would be happy to recommend your services and to act as a reference source.


我们想通过这封信表达对于你和你的团队(Carly和Scott)的感谢。在出售我们位于Shady Canyon的房产以及帮助我们在Corona del Mar购置新房产的帮助,我们表示深深的谢意。我们非常欣赏你的专业,创造力,以及你做事的高效率。我们还非常感谢你可以迁就我们的时间,并且站在我们的角度去了解我们的需求。


我们真心地欣赏你的沉着冷静,并且非常感谢整个过程中你为我们提出的专业的参考建议。Jacqueline, 你是一个出色的,专业的房产经纪人。我们愿意再次与你合作并且会把你推荐给更多有需要的人。



Joel B. Goldhirsh, Karen Q. Goldhirsh

An incredible 37 Days! That’s the number of days it took Jacqueline Thompson to list and closed escrow on my home! I listened to her professional assessment on pricing, and received 97% of my list price. I sold my home for more than I purchased it, just a few years ago. From the time I listed my home with Jacqueline to the time I sold it, Jacqueline and her team was absolutely professional and thorough with the sales process – they handled everything for us, no details were overlooked or minimized.

Before we begun the marketing of the home, a professional cleaning crew made sure our home was ‘model perfect’ and during the escrow process, Jacqueline worked closely with the Builder to ensure that all warranties were followed through as it related to any Builder repair requests. Jacqueline’s strong negotiation skills, innate pulse on Buyer pool and market conditions for Shady Canyon is invaluable.

If you are looking for a real estate agent that works hard, is dedicated and can be reached at all times, I strongly recommend Jacqueline Thompson and her team of professionals – they are really amazing!!!


在开始推广我的房子之前,Jacqueline为我找了专业的清洁队为我清理整栋房子。在推广期间,Jacqueline和建筑工人一起合作以确保所有担保的顺利。Jacqueline令人印象深刻的谈判技巧,对于顾客心理的熟知,以及对于Shady Canyon市场的了解都是不可比拟的。

如果您想找一位认真负责,在任何时候都会为您解决任何问题的房产经纪,我强烈向您推荐Jacqueline Thompson以及她专业的团队!

Frank Chang

In today’s real estate market, if you want to sell your home you need Jacqueline Thompson. We have worked with many realtors over the years and she is one of a select few that exhibits honesty and integrity from start to finish. She worked tirelessly for us and sold our custom home in a timely manner….quite remarkable in today’s tough real estate market!

Thank you Jacqueline!

在如今的房地产市场,如果你想要出售你的房产,你需要Jacqueline Thompson. 我们曾经和很多房地产经纪人合作过,但是Jacqueline是 难得的几个优秀的房产经纪。从开始合作到最后完成交易, Jacqueline向我们展示了她的正直和诚信。她孜孜不倦地为我们工作,并且在很短的时间内就成功地出售了我们的房子。在如今不景气的房地产市场里,Jacqueline卓越的成绩是令人激奋的!感谢你, Jacqueline.

Alice and Richard Liggitt

I hired Jacqueline to market my property under difficult conditions. When I decided to sell, my property was beautiful but dated. Jacqueline helped me reposition the home to optimize value. Using her network of contractors, staging companies, etc. I was able to make the necessary changes without overspending. Jacqueline was involved in every step of the process. At the same time, the real estate market was slowing. It was necessary to have strategy meetings discussing price and how to market the property most effectively.

Throughout this process Jacqueline was very professional providing market insights, buy & sell activity, and information about competitive properties. Perhaps most importantly, Jacqueline remained very determined to help me achieve a fair price for the property. When it came time to negotiate a purchase agreement, Jacqueline and her team provided me with great advice navigating the complex issues of a purchase and sale agreement. Her experience and knowledge were very impressive, and I would recommend Jacqueline to anyone requiring the services of a real estate broker.

Cathy Frandsen

We cannot say thank you enough to Jacqueline Thompson who recently sold the Shady Canyon home we built and lived in for many years. This made the whole process very emotional, but Jacqueline took such great care of us before, during, and after the sale. Jacqueline’s expertise, availability, and patience prevailed in this very complicated transaction. We can confidently say that this deal wouldn’t have come together if we had hired any other agent. Her guidance and advice was invaluable. We would, without a doubt, encourage anyone looking to buy or sell a home to work with Jacqueline Thompson and her Team (we already told a colleague who contacted her). We are so happy with the outcome and it’s all thanks to Jacqueline!

Dr. Danh Kuennemann and Dr. Kimberly Tang

Jacqueline is by far the best real estate agent we have ever dealt with. Before her we tried several other agents who simply could not deliver. When we decided to put our property on the market, we thought that it didn’t matter which agent we listed with, and that potential buyers who liked our property would come to us. But after three years, we finally came to realize that this simply wasn’t true.

That’s when a friend recommended Jacqueline. She brought us an offer within the first week of having our listing. Soon afterwards we had several offers, and our property was sold! She made the entire process very easy. Moreover, she never pressured us into a lower price point and we got very close to our list price. Jacqueline’s professional attitude, knowledge of the market and expertise in the transaction process truly impressed us.

What was equally as impressive was how easy it was to communicate with her and how accessible she was, whether via phone or email, Jacqueline was always very responsive and replied quickly to any questions or concerns we raised. This was not always the case with the previous agents we had dealt with.

If you want to sell your property fast, we would highly recommend that you list your home with Jacqueline!





Wen-Chun Fan and Sheree Kuo

We interviewed several agents from different real estate agencies and chose Jacqueline because of her good presentation, personality and a feeling that we could work well with her.

Our experience was “exemplary service”. Jacqueline is knowledgeable, reliable, supportive, patient and honest.

Jacqueline worked with the buyer’s agent to negotiate a price we were very happy with. Proof of her abilities in a very tough market!

We would not hesitate to refer Jacqueline to anyone!





C.J. And Peggy Hallinan

We listed and closed escrow on the sale of our Shady Canyon home within 48 days of our listing period with Jacqueline obtained multiple offers on our home, all very close to our asking price – a remarkable feat in this market! Jacqueline and her associates were extremely professional, honest and always efficient. There are no doubts our home sold quickly because of Jacqueline’s seasoned negotiation skills and hard work. We loved the fact that she was always reachable no matter the time of day! We highly recommend Jacqueline for all your real estate needs!

Jacqueline非常優秀的在48天賣出我們位於shady canyon的房子, 並且有好幾個買主出的價錢幾乎接近的我們要的賣價, 我想Jacqueline卓越的成績在房地產不景氣的市場裡,是非常令人激賞的! 毋庸置疑我們的房子會這麼快的賣掉,全是因為Jacqueline跟她的事業夥伴都非常的專業,誠實,認真且工作效率迅速,加上Jacqueline有豐富的談判經驗.我們非常信任Jacqueline,相信她一定會成功的賣出我們的房子. 如果妳要買賣房子,我誠心的推薦Jacqueline當您的房地產經紀人.


Jeff and Lillian Chuang

Dear Jacqueline,

Our sincere thanks for the exceptional professionalism you and your team displayed with the sale of our Pelican Crest home and the purchase of a new home. We have dealt with many real estate agents/offices through the years and can honestly say that you are the best!

Not only did you succeed in selling our home after another real estate agency failed, but even with the listing price increased you still brought us an offer over our list price in a very short amount of time. When looking for a replacement property you again exhibited your professionalism by helping us to find the right home for us and followed through by using your tough but fair negotiating skills to get us the property.

Throughout the process of both selling and buying a home you and your team were there to assist us with every detail to make sure that both transactions were seamlessly completed. You were always available by phone, text or email and very responsive to whatever questions or concerns had popped up, regardless of how trivial they may have seemed at the time. This dedication and professionalism is truly appreciated.

It is our pleasure to highly recommend you and your team. If you are looking for a real estate professional that will get you results and will work hard for you throughout the process, is dedicated plus a pleasure to work with - you need to talk to Jacqueline!

Sincere regards,

Edmund & Jennifer Kim

Dear Jacqueline,

I wanted to send this note to you in appreciation for the sale of my home in Shady Canyon. If you should ever need a reference to a perspective listing client please feel free to have them contact me. As you know I am a professional developer and have built many high end homes throughout Orange County. I have worked with all the major real estate brokerage companies as well as many of the top agents within those companies. With well over 15 homes in the $5 million – $15 million sold, I have never had such a dedicated, professional, tireless agent work for me. I only wish I would have met you 10 years ago!

In the worst possible market I have ever seen, you managed to show my home on average of 10 times a week. As we both know, you need showings, (lots of them in this market) to sell a home. Surterre’s marketing is second to none, which of course proves true through all the interest we were able to develop on the property. Your team was enthusiastic, professional and my home was always left immaculate when your showings were complete. Before any showing I was given pre qualification of the client and always timely feedback after the showing. But most important, once we found our ultimate buyer, you were relentless! You would not take no for an answer, and managed to overcome any objection, including obtaining financing in a very difficult lending environment. Most importantly of the 20 or so homes sold in Shady Canyon® this year my home sold at the second highest price per square foot, including homes with much better views.

Again, thank you for all the hard work, perseverance and professionalism. I will not hesitate to use you and Surterre the next time I have a property that I want sold fast.



我想通过这封感谢信表达我对于你帮助我出售我位于Shady Canyon房子的感谢。并且,如果你今后有任何客户对于购买房产有兴趣,也可以请他们联系我,我可以为他们提供参考信息。你知道我是一个开发商,我曾经在橘子郡打造了很多高品质的房子。我曾经和很多优秀的房产公司以及他们的房产经纪合作过,并且成功地出售了五百万美金到一千五百万美金不等的十五套房产。但是,我从没有遇见过一个象你这样认真负责,专业并且孜孜不倦的房产经纪,我多么希望我可以早在十年前就认识你!

在这样一个不景气的房产市场,你还可以将我的房子平均每周展示十次。我们都知道,作为一个房产经纪,你需要做很多的推广和展示来出售一栋房子。除此之外,Surterre的营销做的也非常的到位,完全地展示了我想要向顾客传达的信息。你和你的团队向我展示了你们的热情,专业。通过你的展示,我的房子变得那么的无懈可击。在任何展示之前,我总是得到提前审核的信息,在展示之后,我也总是得到及时的反馈。更重要的是,当我们找到我们最终的买家的时候,你总是孜孜不倦的处理一切问题。你总是能安排好一切事情,克服任何困难,包括在这样经济不景气的情况下处理好融资问题。今年,Shady Canyon总共售出20多处房产,但是通过你的努力,我的房子竟然以每平方英尺第二高的价格出售,即使有些房子有着比我的房子更漂亮的风景。



Stuart Flamm

We are extremely grateful to Jacqueline. She exceeded our expectations in selling our home. A neighbor and friend referred Jacqueline to us, and shortly after our initial meeting with her, she sold our home before we officially came on the market – a quick all cash transaction. We are also very pleased that our home sold for a record price, as it is the highest sales price and highest price per square foot sold for a Villa. Jacqueline’s market expertise and her knowledge of the current buyer pool were impressive.


Jacqueline Thompson was exceptional in selling my Crystal Cove home. From beginning to finish, her Team and her exemplified utmost professionalism. They offer 24/7 Concierge Service that my wife and I found valuable, as it helped us prepare our home ready for the market seamlessly. We met with Jacqueline, and she immediately gave us suggestions on the best way to stage our home. She also advised us on practical Feng Shui practice that would help the home appeal to certain potential Buyers. We were always kept up to date on showings and market conditions – she understood the buyer pool in Crystal Cove which was important to us. Jacqueline brought us three offers. Our home sold for the highest price per square foot – a record for the Seabourn!

We were also very impressed with the marketing of our home - the high quality brochures, beautiful advertisements and copywriting was superb. Jacqueline and her Team exceeded our expectations - we highly refer Jacqueline for your real estate needs - you should definitely speak to her before listing your home!

Fred and Yuki F., Sellers

After a very frustrating experience with another real estate agency my wife and I stepped up our ‘due diligence’ to find a true real estate professional who actually knew what was going on in the market place in Shady Canyon and a willingness to truly work hard so as to get our residence sold in such a precarious and disastrous real estate market place. We knew going in that it was going to be very difficult to sell our beautiful home due to the very recent short sales in our immediate neighborhood. We finally landed on Jacqueline Thompson and her team. My wife and I were very impressed with Jacqueline’s presentation and strategy.

After a brief period of time Jacqueline came through for us. To our amazement, Jacqueline was able to successfully close escrow on our home within 42 days of her obtaining the listing. What was more impressive was the fact that Jacqueline was able to sell our home over $1.1 MILLION DOLLARS more than what our previous agents told us we should expect to get for our home! We had previously listed our home with another agent with no offers. All they did was provide excuses. In fact, at the end of our listing with the former agents they suggested that in order to sell our home we needed to immediately reduce our listing price by $1.5 million! Suffice it is to say, my wife and I were devastated.

Back to how we met Jacqueline. On the advice of my closest friend, we contacted Jacqueline Thompson. She met with us, listened to our expectations, and told us she believed in our home and will work hard to secure an offer in the price range we believed our home was actually worth. She and her staff were very responsive. Never once did we feel as though we were being “put off.” Without reservation, my wife and I would not hesitate to recommend Jacqueline and her team to those looking to maximize their sales price while minimizing the time on the market. Jacqueline and her team exceeded our expectations!

经过一次与另一个房产经纪不愉快的经历之后,我和我的妻子真心地希望可以找到一位对于shady Canyon房产市场了解,并且愿意努力在房产市场不景气的情况下尽快地出售我们房子的专业房产经纪。我们知道想要出售我们美丽的房子并不容易,因为房产市场并不景气而且我们社区最近的成交量也不是很高。最终,我们找到了Jacqueline以及她的团队。我和我的妻子对于Jacqueline出色的表现与周全的策划印象非常深刻。


我们通过一个好朋友的推荐,联系了Jacqueline Thompson. 我们与Jacqueline见了面,她仔细地听了我们的期望并且表示她有信心为我们找到一个买家,愿意以我们所提出的价格购买我们的房子。Jacqueline以及她的员工都非常认真负责,在整个交易过程中,我们我们没有感觉到一点不安以及迟疑。通过与Jacqueline的合作,我们强烈的推荐她作为所有想要以最短时间内并以高价出售房产的人们的房产经纪。Jacqueline以及她的团队的出色表现远远超出我们的预期。

Patrick McCall and Leigh Erin Connealy

SOLD in No Time! And another worry-free transaction with Jaqueline Thompson.

This is our third time selling a home with Jaqueline and each time it gets better and better...
We feel her professionalism, knowledge and genuine approach to selling a home brings a sense of comfort to both sides. With her professional and effective communication skills, the whole transaction happens with ease and comfort. We have sold many homes in our life and we truly think her capabilities are endless and unmatched.

Thank you again Jacqueline for your professionalism and holding our hands through the whole selling process. It was a pleasure working with you.


Jerry and Melisa Varon

J. & M. Varon

We were extremely pleased with the exceptional service and results we received by using Jacqueline Thompson for the sale of our home in Shady Canyon. Jacqueline was able to secure a buyer and put our home in escrow before even going on the market. It is a testament to her knowledge of the community and extensive buyer contacts.

Jacqueline negotiated the price we wanted, and we did not have to deal with the stress of excessive showings in order to sell our home. Jacqueline and her team are true professionals and are always accessible – living up to their reputation of being available 24/7. There’s definitely a reason Jacqueline is the #1 agent for Shady Canyon. After working with Jacqueline to sell our home and also to secure a new one, we would highly recommend working with Jacqueline Thompson and her team.

Heather and Paul S.

We couldn’t be more thrilled and satisfied with Jacqueline Thompson and the quick sale of our Shady Canyon home. We originally listed our home with another brokerage and after 184 days on the market our home still hadn’t sold. This time around, we decided to do our homework and interviewed three agents, including Jacqueline.

We decided to meet with Jacqueline because of her reputation in the neighborhood and rave reviews from close friends. We were impressed with her knowledge of the real estate market and her ability to thoughtfully answer every question we had for her. Jacqueline made some valuable suggestions on how to spruce up our home to better appeal to the Shady Canyon buyer pool. We listed our home with Jacqueline and within one week of going on the market, Jacqueline brought us interested buyers, including an all-cash offer with a short escrow period. She expertly negotiated the deal and kept us informed every step of the way. Twenty-five days after Jacqueline listed our home, we closed escrow for a price we couldn’t be happier about.

We were also very happy with Jacqueline’s photography of our home, which strategically showcased many beautiful aspects of our home that ultimately appealed to buyers. When it came time to start our search for a new home, we didn’t think twice about tasking Jacqueline with the challenge. Jacqueline helped us find the perfect replacement home and again put her negotiation skills to work.

She is an incredibly hard worker and is extremely responsive, working and responding to emails and texts around-the-clock. We can’t thank Jacqueline enough for her expertise and have recommended her to our friends without hesitation!

John and Jennifer Condas

We are greatly appreciative of Jacqueline Thompson and her staff for the sale of our custom estate in Shady Canyon! Six years ago, while we were looking for a home in Shady Canyon, we met Jacqueline. We had seen several homes, but Jacqueline's listings stood out to us the most. We were impressed by her knowledge of the area and expertise with the custom homes. Her professionalism caught our attention and stayed with us years later. We knew down the line we wanted to work with her in the future.

Our eldest is going away to college this Fall, and we decided we wanted to move closer to the Coast. In less than a month of this decision, Jacqueline sold our Shady Canyon home in a week and found us a new home in Newport Coast a few weeks later. We have bought and sold homes for the last twenty-five years, and our experience with Jacqueline has been the best ever! Jacqueline is the hardest working real estate agent in all of Orange County. She understands her clients and their needs.

Plus, her expertise and dedication are bar none. We highly recommend Jacqueline Thompson for all of your real estate needs, she will definitely work hard to exceed your expectations. Our experience with Jacqueline was highly positive. We are happy she is our agent, but happier to say she has become a great friend!

Steve and Christine Kim

Selling an extraordinary property required an extraordinary Buyer. Enter, Jacqueline Thompson. As someone who has had the pleasure of working with Jacqueline, as a seller, I would like to take this opportunity to give my highest possible recommendation for her excellent client services, as our agent of Surterre Properties.

Jacqueline is honest, calm, strategic, unbelievably patient, and utterly professional. A dynamic individual with a level of talent clearly reflected by her profound knowledge of the real estate business, and the Orange County market.

We learned early on, supported by her strong management team, Jacqueline Thompson Group, that her client’s best interest is paramount, and at the forefront of her day. Conducting business with a strong sense of ethics and fairness, Jacqueline possesses strong organizational and communication skills, has a winning attitude that embraces all challenges and encourages collaboration.

Jacqueline, you have the patience of an angel, and the perseverance of a warrior! You are a delight to work with, and we are so fortunate to call you friend!

Thank you, Jacqueline, for your amazing expertise, and our success!

Jacqueline Thompson…….Opportunity knocking with both fists!

去成功地出售一个豪宅需要的是一个有实力并且懂得欣赏的买家。然而,作为一个卖家,我们需要的是Jacqueline Thompson。我作为一个有幸和Jacqueline Thompson一起工作过的人,我不得不说,作为一个卖家,我一定要隆重的推荐 Surterre房产公司的房产经纪人: Jacqueline Thompson.


我们很早就知道,Jacqueline Thompson通过自己团队的支持,她永远把客户的需求放在首位,这永远是她认为最重要的。Jacqueline是凭良心在做生意,通过她自己本身很强的组织和沟通能力再加上她诚恳的态度,她总是可以通过团队合作克服一切难题。

Jacqueline, 你有着象天使一般的耐心和真诚,但同时你还有着象勇士一样的不屈不饶的精神。和你一起工作非常的愉快,我们也感到很幸运能和你成为朋友。



Kary and Donna Yergler

When my family and I first started looking for a new home, we worked with an agent that had time constraints when we wanted to see homes for sale. We also got the feeling this agent was not focused on our best interest for such a big purchase. Once we identified Shady Canyon as the perfect community for our next home, we knew we needed to work with the best agent in the neighborhood. As a member of the Shady Canyon Golf Club, it came as no surprise Jacqueline Thompson was referred to us by friends at the Club.

Jacqueline immediately surpassed our expectations with her detailed knowledge of Shady Canyon and true 24/7 availability - every call, text, and e-mail was answered immediately with all the information and detail we needed. She is such a talented and AMAZING agent, but what made our experience truly unique is that she so sweetly gave her whole heart when helping. Jacqueline went well over-and-beyond the job description, she was there for us in ways we would have never expected. When we were rushing to buy a home that was not the right fit for us, she was honest and saved us from making a mistake instead of benefiting from a quick sale, and in the end led us to our dream home. We were so impressed by her caring for her clients both during the transaction, and still even now after the close of escrow! We have worked with other real estate agents, and have never met anyone who wants to help someone so sincerely after their job is done (that was done perfectly).

Additionally, Jacqueline’s kindness to help us with other things that she did not need to bother herself with is truly, truly wonderful. She is so successful and does not need to be so sweet but she is to everyone's benefit!! We cannot say thank you enough to her. We are so thankful and appreciative of all of her hard work all year, and the extra, extra, extra time she spent with us. We are so impressed by her caring for her clients during the deal and after!! Jacqueline is such a rare person in this world!! We feel so blessed and thankful!!

The ease in searching for a home, thanks to Jacqueline, made it an easy decision to list our Turtle Ridge home for sale with her. Again, we were equally impressed with the seamless process from start to finish. She negotiated a price higher than our expectations and was so on top of every detail. We would recommend Jacqueline without hesitation to any of our friends or family thinking about buying or selling a home. We have never met anyone who wants to help someone so sincerely even when their job is finished. We cannot thank her enough for all she did. We are so happy with our new home!

Susan G. and family

Jacqueline Thompson is bar none the best in the industry! It is her amazing poise and professionalism, combined with her unbelievable intelligence that sets her apart. Our home sold quickly and for the highest price – my husband and I are still in awe with the role Jacqueline played during our entire transaction!

If you are looking for a smooth transaction, put your trust in Jacqueline. Her focus and dedication to our home, personally taking our calls around the clock, and addressing our needs are just a few things that aided in a smooth transaction. She even jumped on our schedule, not disturbing our family of six, throughout the process.

Jacqueline assessed our home’s best assets and affirmed its value to potential buyers. She strategically marketed and believed in our home’s high quality, which made buyers greatly desire our home. Jacqueline drummed up a huge interest of serious buyers. She got to know each potential buyer and their agent before she brought them in for a viewing. By knowing each buyer, she marketed our home according to their needs. We have never experienced this with other agents!

Jacqueline generated multiple offers shortly after Broker’s Preview, which resulted in the quick sale of our home. Our sale is the highest priced home sold within our builder tract since 2006! Although we were in escrow, Jacqueline continued her extensive marketing plan. Everything that she had promised she carried through with, including the 8-page glossy brochure and advertisements in various news publications. With a solid offer and back-up offers in line we were not expecting this!

Jacqueline was determined to achieve the highest price possible for our home and to drive up the Shady Canyon market. Her complete focus was on us, and not on her personal profit. Jacqueline Thompson is extraordinary!

Jacqueline Thompson无可否认的是一名难得的非常优秀的房产经纪人。她的出色体现在她面对问题时的那种冷静,和她的机智才能以及她专业的素养。Jacqueline以最高的价格以及最快的速度成功地帮助我们出售了我们的房产,对于Jacqueline在交易环节中所表现出的专业和干练,我和我的丈夫至今还感到很钦佩。




Jacqueline立志于为我们以最高价出售我们的房产。她的初衷,她所关心的一直都是我们的需求,并不是她个人的利益得失。Jacqueline Thompson 真的是一个很优秀,可遇不可求的房产经纪人!


Jacqueline was AMAZING!!  She was very professional in all aspects of the sale while still warm and friendly at the same time. We are very pleased with the result, as our home sold quickly in an all cash transaction resulting in a record price per square foot sold for a custom home.


Jacqueline Thompson is the hardest working real estate agent we have ever worked with! We recently listed and successfully sold our home with Jacqueline, who remained trustworthy from beginning to end. When we decided to sell our custom estate in Shady Canyon, we met with Jacqueline and we were very impressed with her expertise, marketing presentation and professionalism. Her sales record for the local areas coupled with her expertise of the market was exceptional. 

Throughout the process, we also found Jacqueline had a pool of potential buyers in Shady Canyon, which other agents do not have. She also had a great pulse on the market in both Shady Canyon and nearby communities such as Newport Coast, and was very knowledgeable about the buyers and agents touring our home. We greatly appreciated that she qualified each buyer before each showing, and always gave us immediate showing feedback. From the initial listing presentation through the closing of our Shady Canyon custom estate, Jacqueline’s professional attitude was easy to work with, and she was very responsive and hands-on, as we were able to reach her at all times. 

We highly recommend Jacqueline and her team to those looking to maximize their sales price while minimizing the time on the market. Jacqueline and her team exceeded our expectations!

Jason and Joanne Chen


I would like to write you this little note to show you our appreciation in selling our home within 34 days of listing it and getting very close to the asking price! As you know, I have bought and sold many homes in the past, but this last experience in selling my house and buying a new one was very different in many ways. First of all, I’d like to start by saying that you and your team made this experience an easy and delightful one. I have to say that your level of professionalism was second to none. Your skill, style, and approach to marketing and dealing with other agents was so superior that it’s truly hard to compare with any other agents that we have worked with. Your high standard is something that showed us what quality service means and the difference it made!

Jacqueline, you showed us a new standard in this real estate arena, a standard that will be hard to beat. Also, with your experience and dedication in helping us find our new home, made the transition a smooth process, my wife and I are still talking about it. Again we thank you for doing a great job in helping us in both selling and buying our homes. We will always recommend you with pleasure because we know you will make a difference.

Keep up the good work Jacqueline and please stay in touch!





Jerry and Melisa Varon

Wow what a great job!, in this journey in selling our estate home in Shady Canyon. With this uber custom home, your knowledge of every step of the process is un-paralleled; from marketing the home (using an amazing photographer), finished marketing products, all the way through to the close of escrow. There are so many steps (too many to recount) and so many details all along the way, and you and your team were there every time. Most importantly it was your market knowledge of Shady Canyon and Newport Coast, determined/driven personal character, and your ability to convey the aspects of the home on every potential buyer tour (after each buyer screening by you) that yielded an excellent sales price, and got the job done! Thank you again for all your efforts!

Dana and Susan Sanders

Dear Jacqueline,

Scott and I would like to extend our gratitude and appreciation for the superlative performance and professionalism you displayed from the initial listing presentation through the the closing of our Shady Canyon custom home in November, 2012.

Most impressive was that you successfully sold our home for near asking price, which was $2 million more than what the short sale next door closed at just 1 moth earlier.

From the onset of our listing, you brought us multiple offers from qualified buyers some of which were cash offers. Your marketing of our home was second to none, resulting in weekly showings. Your knowledge of the market, buyer, and Shady Canyon inventory, together with your superior negotiating skills, and commitment to your client, got it SOLD!

You are a consummate professional, and you and your capable staff were available 24/7. We have purchased and sold many properties and have had experience working with several Agents and your service is distinctive and ‘Top of Class’.

It would be our pleasure to recommend Jacqueline and her team!

Sincerely yours,



从你开始着手帮助我们出售我们的房子,你就为我们找到了很多有信誉的买家,而且其中有几个买家还提出可以直接付现。你为我们的房子做了最好的推广,确保我们的房子每个星期都可以展示一次。你对于房产市场,买家和Shady Canyon社区的了解,加上你非凡的谈判能力以及你对于客户的诚信都是可以成功出售我的房子的重要因素。



Marta Sherman

Dear Jacqueline Thompson and your sales team, we would like to thank you for your professionalism and tasteful interior design when helping us update our home. Because of your broad connections with the community of potential buyers, it allowed us to sell our home very quickly! This helped ease our stress! 

Thank you so much! 

Nick & Jennifer Wu

We have bought and sold many homes in the past 30 years and Jacqueline stands out as the most professional, knowledgeable, and nicest realtor we have ever met. When you hire her, you are hiring her TEAM of professionals not just one salesperson. Selling a high-end home requires a significantly different approach than that used for lower end homes.

The agent has to really understand all about the current market dynamics because what worked six months ago is not going to be relevant today. Jacqueline was able to advise us how to update and stage our home and she has an excellent network of contractors who were able to do the work required at not just a very reasonable price but were able to complete the work quickly.

Once she is hired, her team is always available and willing to help, and her contacts and network of clients are unsurpassed and priceless especially when you are dealing with International buyers. Jacqueline’s results and reputation speak for themselves and there is no doubt that we would not have sold our home in Shady Canyon this last year without her, especially in this difficult market.

Geoff and Carol


Valerie and I would like to express our sincere appreciation for the outstanding and professional job you did on the sale of our home in Shady Canyon.

As a Regional President and Vice President of Sales for a national home builder we have been both indirectly and directly involved in tens of thousands of sales. You, along with your incredible team, Carly and Scott, have been thorough, conscientious, communicative and reliable from onset to the successful closing!

From your solid pricing strategy coupled with your exceptional marketing expertise to your strategic negotiating skills you have propelled yourself to be recognized as the best we have encountered far exceeding our expectations!

Without hesitation, we firmly offer our raving referral!

Valerie和我非常想对Jacqueline Thompson在出售我们位于Shady Canyon的房产时所做出的努力和她专业的职业技能表示我们由衷的感谢和欣赏。由于我们工作的原因,我们也曾多次直接或者间接的参与过很多房屋的买卖。然而, Jacqueline以及她的优秀的团队成员:Carly和Scott通过你们的专业,和我们良好的沟通,从开始一直到房屋成功地被出售,都使我们感到非常的放心。

Jacqueline, 你对于市场有着你独特的,敏锐的眼光,并且你还拥有别人不可比拟的谈判能力,所有的这一切都使你成为我们遇见过的最好的房产经纪,你所完成的一切远远地超越了我们的期望。


Sincere Regards,

Jeff & Valerie Roos

We have found our agent for life! Jacqueline expertly marketed our custom home in Shady Canyon and put together a deal at a wonderful price. Any time we had a question or concern, Jacqueline was available to talk with us. Every call, text, and e-mail was immediately answered - always! Since we run our own business, it was important to us to have someone like Jacqueline taking care of our interests as well as being available on short notice to keep us updated. Jacqueline flawlessly negotiated the deal and coordinated a smooth close of escrow. Her concierge service accommodated every detail from the time she listed the home until the time we moved out.

During the escrow period on our home Jacqueline began a thorough search for our replacement property. With the little criteria we gave her, Jacqueline presented a portfolio of homes for us to consider. She took the time to take us to our top choices and discuss the positives and negatives of each home. Jacqueline’s knowledge of the real estate market proved invaluable. We decided on an amazing home that would keep us in the Shady Canyon community. Jacqueline, again, expertly negotiated on our behalf and we were soon in escrow on our home of choice. We couldn’t have asked for a more knowledgeable and helpful agent for both of our very emotional real estate transactions.

Stephanie & Cyrus B.

I am very happy to write about my experience working with Jacqueline Thompson and her team. I received Jacqueline’s contact information from my father and was urged to contact her when it was time to sell my home. I am so glad I did, what an exceptional experience. Jacqueline was completely prepared when we spoke about listing my house and I knew I would be in good hands. It was important to my wife and me that we worked with an agent that would help buyers to recognize that Laguna Altura is a very desirable neighborhood. We also looked for an agent that would work hard for us, and since Jacqueline already holds the sales record for selling the highest priced home in Laguna Altura, we knew she was the right choice.

The marketing materials, advertising, and photographs were all beautiful and thoughtfully done. Jacqueline was in constant contact with me updating me on showings and answering questions I had during the entire process. Jacqueline negotiated an all-cash transaction with a very short escrow period, monitored every detail and was hands-on throughout the transaction. Jacqueline sold the home much faster than average for Laguna Altura and was able to negotiate further with the buyer so we could close escrow within 12 days from acceptance! My wife and I strongly recommend Jacqueline for your real estate needs - we are very happy and impressed with Jacqueline and her team! She sold our home so quickly, and at a very good price too!

Stephen Kim

As longtime residents of Shady Canyon, we’ve followed Jacqueline’s staggering sales success over the years. So, it came as no surprise that when we entrusted her with the listing of our home, she brought a buyer and had our home in escrow within 14 days. Her unsurpassed market-knowledge and attention to detail made the whole process seamless. We were equally impressed with Jacqueline’s response time and follow up - she was always available 24/7 to answer any text, email or telephone call. Jacqueline’s strategic negotiation efforts were efficient and got us to an agreement without a lot of back and forth. Her marketing of our home was beautifully executed, and the photography of our home was exceptional. She is a true professional and we would not hesitate to refer or work with her again in the future. We are very pleased and had an excellent experience from start to finish with Jacqueline and her team - Jacqueline exceeded our expectations!

Mercy and Al Cordero

Jacqueline is by far the best agent we’ve ever worked with and will continue to rely on her professional expertise for all our real estate transactions. Her exceptional service and dedication to quality are both impressive and imperative in our current marketplace. We had listed our home with another agent for quite some time with no offers. Our home received multiple offers within weeks, and closed escrow shortly thereafter. Her pulse on the Shady Canyon market is indisputable – her suggested list price and ultimate sales price of our home was less than 3% – the end result was exactly as she promised.

Jacqueline negotiated and worked extremely hard to bring the agent and buyer up in price. We closed escrow on our home within 52 days of listing with Jacqueline, and for one million more than the original offered price! As builders of luxury homes, Jacqueline is our choice agent – there is no other agent that will be as accessible, work harder and smarter for your family than Jacqueline Thompson!

Jacqueline是至今为止我曾合作过的最好的一个房产经纪,因为她的专业技能,我今后还会一直和她合作下去。Jacqueline周全的服务以及她对于工作的投入在现在的房产市场中不仅是非常难能可贵的,而且还使我们对她印象深刻。我们曾经让另一个经纪帮助我们出售房子,但是等了很久也没有有兴趣的买家。但是,通过Jacqueline的努力,有很多买家几周内就联系了我们,并且其中一个买家与我们很快地完成了交易。Jacqueline对于Shady Canyon房产市场的了解是毋庸置疑的。

她建议我们标售的价格和最后的成交价的价差小于百分之三,这也正是Jacqueline向我们承诺过的,她会以我们理想的价格为我们出售我们的房子。通过Jacqueline的努力以及与买家多次的洽谈,才能使得买家愿意提高购买价格。从Jacqueline开始为我们推广我们的房子开始,短短52天之内我们就成功地以高价出售了我们的房子。作为豪华公寓的营造商,Jacqueline就是我们所需要的房产经纪。在我们合作的众多经纪中,没有一个人比Jacqueline Thompson服务更周到,工作更认真,以及更加的有智慧。

Annette and Michael Reeves

Jacqueline Thompson is the consummate professional.

I could not have had a better experience in the sale of my home. The first thing she did was help me get my home ready for sale. She gave me various options of vendors, all of whom were excellent. She clearly knows what is needed to market a home in Shady Canyon. I believe this is because she sees so many home buyers and listens to what it is they are looking for. With the help of her vendors, she got my home so that it showed beautifully. We then discussed a strategic pricing approach, which was not only smart but realistic. In the end, she was extremely helpful in obtaining a good price – a price I was very satisfied with. Jacqueline was very detailed oriented – a perfectionist – in her efforts in marketing my home. The showing process was painless and her team of professionals not only gave me advance notice of each showing and open house but also detailed feedback on each potential buyer, including her plans to follow up. I felt I was in the loop the whole time.

Jaqueline and her team worked great together and I felt always fully attended. And I always had Jacqueline’s ear – any email or text I sent her was answered within a very short time. As for the negotiation of the offer that I received, Jacqueline was in complete control, always looking out after my best interests, and managed to negotiate some rather unconventional terms that immensely helped me due to my particular situation. As a result, I came out felling very happy with the sale – getting what I believe is a very fair price for my home and on terms that were unbelievably helpful to me.

I was so pleased with Jacqueline’s efforts in the sale of my home that I didn’t even hesitate to engage her to help me purchase my new home. And in that purchase, Jacqueline again was able to get the other side to agree to some very unconventional (and very favorable) terms that made my life and my move extremely easy and stress free. Jacqueline was caring and worked very hard all along the way. I highly recommend her to anyone who is selling or buying a home. If I were to buy or sell again, I would go first to Jacqueline.

Matthew Richardson

Jacqueline Thompson exceeded our expectations! She did an excellent job at selling our home! My wife and I were very impressed with her professionalism, pulse on the real estate market and strong negotiation skills – Jacqueline met with us, told us she could get our home sold close to our listing price. We had been listed prior with another brokerage, and once we hired Jacqueline, we received multiple offers, and sold our home for $200,000.00 higher than our last list price.

It is so important in this real estate market to hire an agent that believes in your home, and works extra hard for you. We were also very impressed with the quality of Jacqueline’s advertising campaign for our home, as she invested heavily in the marketing of our home, and was involved in all the showings, negotiation and was easily accessible at all times.

If you are looking for a result-driven real estate agent, we highly recommend Jacqueline Thompson and her team!

Jacqueline Thompson优异的表现大大的超出了我们的期望。她成功地快速出售了我们的房产! Jacqueline的专业技能,对于房产市场的熟知以及谈判能力使我和我的爱人都印象非常深刻。当我们决定出售我们的房产时,我们会见了 Jacqueline,她向我们承诺可以以靠近我们心中理想价位的价格出售我们的房产。我们之间也与其他的房产经纪有过合作,但是当我们将我们的房产委托给Jacqueline时,很快就有很多买家与我们联系,最终,我们以二十万美金的价格成功地出售了我们的房产,远远高于我们之前的标价。


如果您想快速的出售您的房产,我强烈地向您推荐Jacqueline Thompson以及她的团队作为您的房产代理人。

Glenn and Jennie Kim