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Newly constructed homes in Orange County make up some of the most luxurious and sought after properties in the Southern California real estate market. 

These homes combine the famous natural beauty of the area with modern architecture that both contrasts and complements the coastal attraction of Orange County.

Some of the most popular neighborhoods for luxurious new construction homes in Orange County include Corona del Mar, Newport Beach and Irvine.

The Rise of New Construction in Orange County

Orange County has always been popular for its sunny skies, close location to many of the best beaches and golf courses, and it's infamous reputation as California’s entertainment capital.

Since Orange County is such a highly desirable place to live, many people have been moving into this popular area, so the need for new construction has been on the rise — increasing available options for these incredible homes.

Orange County New Homes For Sale

What Makes Orange County New Construction So Desirable?

New construction in Orange County is desirable for a number of reasons, such as most of it having been designed in ultra-modern fashion by master architects.

Placing a major emphasis on blurring the lines between indoor and outdoor spaces, many of these homes contain folding and sliding glass walls to create a seamless transition between the pool area and the living space. 

These homes are also outfitted with some of the finest appliances and luxury features of modern living, such as fully automated smart home systems and stainless steel appliances. 

Common Amenities in Orange County New Construction

Whether you have a hand in designing your new home or are either leaving it up to the construction company or buying a pre built home, there are a vast number of desirable features available in these incredible homes.

Just a few of these luxury features include:

  • Custom swimming pools

  • Multi-car garages

  • Wine cellars

  • Games rooms

  • Fitness and spa centers

  • Media rooms

Benefits of Orange County New Construction

As we've seen, new construction in Orange County is highly desirable for a multitude of reasons, such as their luxury features, ideal location and contemporary architecture.

Other benefits of purchasing a new construction home is that you will be the first occupant of these incredible properties, so you have the ability to imbue these homes with your own sense of character over time.

It also means that since everything is new, your cost for replacing things like appliances and water heaters will be greatly reduced in the first years of living in the house.

Many new construction homes also offer great warranties, so you and your family can live in comfort with the knowledge that if anything does break down, there's a high chance it will be covered.

If you're looking to purchase new construction in Orange County, contact me for more information!

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