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LAGUNA BEACH, Calif. – A contemporary home eight years in the making sitting on the oceanfront in the Laguna Beach Village is not only among a very slim number of brand new residences for sale in the city, its eco-friendly features make it eligible for the ultimate certification of efficiency.

Following five years of Laguna-based construction firm Tresor Properties seeking approval from the city and three years under construction, the home for sale at 992 Oceanfront is now listed for $15 million.

Finding a brand new home on the market in this coastal city is a hard feat in itself, not to mention new construction directly on the beach.

“Development in general is very difficult in Laguna Beach,” said listing agent Jacqueline Thompson of Surterre Properties who is partnering with Tresor’s Jeff Fischbeck. “If you want something built on the ocean it’s nearly impossible. If you start today to get a brand new home built on the oceanfront it will most likely not happen simply because of the strict building requirements of bluff top setbacks,” Thompson said, referring to the city’s requirements for building close to the ocean and the distance the structure must be from the water.

The four-bedroom, five-bathroom home designed by local architect Mark Singer boasts 4,300 square feet of living space on a 12,000-square-foot lot that leads directly out onto the sand from the backyard.

“There are less than five brand new homes in Laguna Beach on the water,” Thompson said. “Of those five, two (other homes) have private beachfront entry. Of those two, none of them have a pool and spa. And, none of them are designed to this level.”

Impressive features include white water ocean views from every room through floor-to-ceiling glass windows, 2,100 square feet of outdoor living space with a salt water pool and spa, 800 square feet of private beach, a Savant Home Automation control system with Apple iPad touch technology, a media room, a gym, an ocean-view elevator and ecologically sensitive facets that have the home on track to secure a LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Gold Certification through the U.S. Green Building Council. Some of these details include a rainwater harvesting system which utilizes 50 percent of the roof, a Photovoltaic solar system, ENERGY STAR appliances and environmentally preferable and partially recycled products.

This home’s smaller, sister residence next door at 990 Oceanfront, also a product of Tresor construction and Mark Singer design, sold in January 2011 for $11.5 million or $3,067 per square foot.

LAGUNA BEACH, Calif. – 这个历经八年时间打造而成的坐落在Laguna Beach Village海边的房子,不仅是这个城市中为数不多在出售的全新房产之一,并且这个房子环保的理念使得它可以为居住者提供最大的使用效率。这栋房产花费了五年的时间等候审核,当审核完成之后,又经过了三年的时间进行打造,终于,992 Oceanfront这栋房产已经完工并且等待出售,出售价格为一千五百万美金。

在Laguna这个海滨城市,想要找到一个全新打造的房产是一件不容易的事,更不用说要找到一个象992 Oceanfront这样直接建造在沙滩上的房子是一件多么艰难的事了。与Tresor公司的Jeff Fischbeck合作的,来自Surterre房产公司的房产经纪Jacqueline Thompson曾说过: “在Laguna Beach,建造发展房产并不容易,更不用说在沙滩上直接建造房子的艰辛了,在Jacqueline看来这几乎是不可能的事。” Jacqueline还提到: “如果你今天开始申请在海边打造一个全新的房产,这几乎是不可能实现的因为来自各方的严格的建筑要求。”Jacqueline提到的严格的建筑要求指的是城市建筑规划对于海边建造房子的要求以及打造的房产与大海之间的距离。

这个海边的房产是由当地的著名建筑师Mark Singer所设计,共包含四个卧室,五个卫生间。这座房产占地面积一万两千平方英尺,实际的居住面积高达四千三百平方英尺并且从后院可以直接通往您的私人沙滩。Surterre房产公司的Jacqueline Thompson说到:“在Laguna Beach海边的房子不多于五套,并且在这几套房产中,其中有两套房产有自己的私人海滩,但是在这两套中,没有一个房子有游泳池和温泉,也没有一个房子的打造可以象992 Oceanfront这套房产一样完善精美。”

这套房产有很多令人印象深刻的亮点,例如:在房间的每个角落望出去,您都可以欣赏到最美的海景。除此之外,整栋房子大面积的使用落地玻璃窗,使整个房子都显得明亮透彻。这座房产还包含了两千一百平方英尺的户外空间,其中包含咸水的游泳池和温泉,八千平方英尺的私人海滩,苹果iPad可以操控的Savant Home Automation控制系统,多媒体室,健身房,以及一个可以看到海景的电梯。更重要的是,这套房产还荣获美国绿色建筑理事会所授予的LEED黄金认证。这些绿色环保设计主要体现在建造在屋顶的收集雨水的系统,一个光电池的太阳能系统,ENERGY STAR的电器,以及一些环保的回收的产品。

这套房产的隔壁990 Oceanfront是这套房产992 Oceanfront的姐妹房,990 Oceanfront要比992 Oceanfront面积小一些,但是同样是由Mark Singer设计,Tresor公司建筑打造。990 Oceanfront在2011年一月已经以一千一百五十万美金(或者三千零六十七美金每平方英尺)的高价成功售出。

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