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COTO DE CAZA, Calif. – Donna and Kary Yergler got inspiration for their Coto de Caza dream home from a magazine.

Thumbing through a 1989 edition of Architecture Digest, Donna Yergler came across photos of a Southern plantation manor and chose it as the model for the home she and her husband were planning to build.

Now, their children grown, the Yerglers are ready to downsize. Their two-story, 10,300-square-foot house overlooking Coto Valley came on the market this past spring for just under $9 million.

“You don’t normally see this in Southern California,” said Jacqueline Thompson, the Yergler’s real estate agent. “It’s a Southern antebellum plantation-style home.”

Six white columns grace the home front and back, supporting the roof over the veranda and portico that look across the valley.

Inside, the home has 12-foot ceilings, designer wallpaper and twin, curving stairs leading from the entry way to the upstairs bedrooms. A switch lowers an enormous, custom-built chandelier from the second story ceiling to the first floor for cleaning.

Everything was custom built or custom milled – cabinets, 1-foot baseboards, shutters around doors and windows. Donna Yergler made an enlargement of the Architectural Digest photo, and “I showed it to every carpenter,” she said.

“We wanted the house to be like it was in the Southern antebellum period,” she said. “I wanted a romantic home and an entertaining home. We wanted a warm home, but we wanted it to be elegant.”

It took the Yerglers about 2 ½ years to build the home, located at 34 Cambridge Ct. They moved in seven years ago.

Among the home’s features are:

  • Six bedrooms and nine bathrooms.
  • A guest wing that’s a separate apartment, with its own kitchen and living room where Donna Yergler’s mother used to live.
  • A 1,300-square-foot barn, originally planned for horses, but since converted into a rumpus room, with exercise equipment, TV, pool table, kitchen and tropical aquarium. The home is zoned for horses, and the building could be converted back into a barn.
  • A 3.6-acre lot that has an oversized pool, a spa and about 100 trees, including Brazilian peppers, California peppers, oaks, liquid amber, birch and fruit trees.
  • Porticos and verandas measuring over 4,000 square feet, with hand-made Savannah gray bricks trucked in from Atlanta.
  • In all, the home has three kitchens – the main kitchen, with Clive Christian cabinets; the guest kitchen and the kitchen in the barn.

“We had a lot of fun researching (the design),” Donna Yergler said.

COTO DE CAZA, Calif. – Donna and Kary Yergler从一本杂志上得到了他们创造 Coto de Caza并完成他们的梦想的灵感。从一本1989年的Architecture Digest杂志上,Donna Yergler看到几幅西部庄园农场的图片而受到启发,决定以这种风格作为样本去打造她和她的丈夫一直想到建造的房子。

现在他们的孩子都已经长大了,Yerglers夫妇也已经准备好要退休了。他们打造的其中一个一万三千平方英尺可以俯视Coto山谷的房子在过去的这个春天被放到市场上,价格低于九百万美金。Yergler夫妇的房产经济Jacqueline Thompson说到:“这样的在南加州非常的少见,这是一个有着过去美国西部庄园感觉的房子。”六个高大的白色圆柱支撑着整个房子的前后, 并且还支撑着可以俯看山谷的游廊和门廊。

在这个庄园的内部有着12尺高的天花板,高档的壁纸以及两旁雕刻精美的楼梯,这个楼梯可以带您从房子的入口去到楼上的卧室。在楼下的开关可以控制房间内的大型枝形吊灯。这个房子里的所有东西都是特别打造的,例如:内阁,一尺长的护壁板,以及门和窗户四周的百叶窗。Donna Yergler整体放大了Architectural Digest上面的图片,她说道:“我把图片给每一个工匠都看过,为的就是要保证这个房子可以达到我心中理想的样子,象原来的美国西部一样。除此之外,我还希望这个房子不仅很浪漫,而且还具备娱乐元素在其中。我们希望打造一个既优雅又温馨的家。”

Yerglers夫妇花费了两年的时间完成了34 Cambridge Ct.的建造。他们七年之前搬进去。这种房子的亮点有:六个卧室,九个卫生间,一个独立的客人套房:其中有着它独立的厨房和起居室,Donna Yergler的妈妈以前就是住在这个客人房里的。一个一千三百平方英尺的谷仓,这个设计原来是为了饲养马,但是后来经过改造变成了一个娱乐室,里面有电视,台球桌,厨房以及恒温鱼缸。

这个庄园有一部分划分出来的区域可以用来饲养马,同样的这个建筑也可以再打造成一个谷仓。3.6英亩的空地中有一个超大规模的游泳池,温泉以及大约100棵树,其中包括巴西辣椒,加州辣椒,橡树,液体琥珀,桦树,以及很多果树。游廊和门廊大约占地面积四千平方英尺,使用的都是从亚特兰大进口的手工的Savannah灰色的砖块。总体来说,这个房子共有三个厨房,一个带有Clive Christian内阁的主厨厨房,一个宾客厨房以及一个在谷仓的厨房。Donna Yergler说道:“我们有很多很有趣的设计。”

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