Aerial view of luxury seaside custom homes in southern California

Newport Beach, Irvine, and the Orange County area has some of the most beautiful and awe-inspiring homes that you're ever likely to see.

Gorgeous courtyards, jaw-dropping luxury interiors, and infinity pools stretching towards the sea...

Newport Beach and the surrounding communities are go-to destinations for those looking to take prestige residential real estate to the next level.

However, for many of those at the upper end of the real estate market, ordinary resales are simply not enough. They want to see their personal vision come to life, and have their own wants and needs reflected in the design of their home. For these people, finding the right professionals to make their dream a reality is paramount.

That's why we've assembled a list of Newport Beach and Orange County's best luxury new-home developers. These master designers, builders, and project managers have extensive track records creating some of Southern California's top luxury homes, all the way from the initial concept and planning phases, through to completion.

You can expect world-class service and picture-perfect results from these custom home builders... 

Seacrest Developers

Based on Costa Mesa, Seacrest Developers specializes in the design and construction of luxury homes from the foundations all the way to the final landscaping details. As their website states, Seacreast clients "have access to ideal residential lots in pristine coastal areas, the finest building materials, and a superior team of professional builders to bring their visions to life."

In other words, Seacrest Developers works hard to combine their own knowledge, expertise, and contacts, with your vision to create the home of your dreams.

Operating since 1990, Seacrest has built beautiful homes up and down the Southern California coastline. They're also committed to building homes that meet the highest standards of energy efficiency, earthquake safety, and environmentally-conscious building techniques.

James David Custom Homes

In the industry for over two decades, James David Custom Homes specializes in Craftsman, Tuscan, and ranch inspired homes. They're also masters of custom home remodeling and extensions.

Working with various top architects and designers, James David Custom Homes has the ability to bring any vision to life. Just take a look at their portfolio and you'll understand both their range and their ability to capture the essence of each style that they render, from Spanish modern to coastal cottage to ultra-modern chic.

James David Custom Homes has over 26 years of experience in Orange County custom home construction, with more than 550 completed projects to their name. A track record like that comes with a great deal of trust and reputation, and you won't have any trouble tracking down pleased customers to give glowing reviews.

Aerial view of luxury canal homes in Newport Beach CA

La Placa Construction

Family-owned since its humble beginnings in 1985, La Placa Construction describes itself today as a "full-service builder", a "general contractor", and "luxury home construction firm".

But those terms barely do them justice. La Placa is one of the most respected builders of custom homes and innovative commercial spaces in California.

For luxury homes, they guide clients through every step of the process, from planning to design to completion. La Placa Construction even encourages their clients to get creative with their ideas and plans, they must enjoy the challenge! And one look at their portfolio will tell you that they are likely to be equal to any task. 

Most notable in their roster of achievements is their restoration of the historic Anaheim White House, a project for which they won the Gold Nugget Grand Award.

Some of the services that La Placa list in their repertoire include: 

  • Architectural services
  • Space planning & interior design
  • Renovations, remodels, and extensions
  • Site planning & preparation
  • Landscape design
  • Demolition & repairs
  • Earthquake Retrofitting

RDM General Contractors

Aerial view of canal or bayside homes in Newport Beach CA with luxury yachts

Operational since 1981, RDM is one of Southern California's top custom and luxury home builders.

Their extensive network of craftspeople and contractors has been developed over decades in the industry, ensuring the highest quality and care in all of their projects.

In bringing all this talent and expertise together, they describe themselves as more than just general contractors, but rather "a devoted steward for your project".

Over the years, RDM has been recognized with numerous awards, accolades, and recognition in some of the top lifestyle and design publications. For example, they are proud members of Luxe Interiors + Design's 2020 "Gold List".

To give an idea of their range, they tout their expertise in bringing various architectural styles to life, including modern, contemporary, transitional, and traditional, with traditional including styles like Cape Cod, Farmhouse, Provence, and Mediterranean.

RDM has the pedigree and the track record. So you can't go wrong!

Patterson Custom Homes

Patterson Custom Homes are the real specialists in the Newport Beach luxury home building scene, with over 300 completed projects to their name in this relatively small area.

But don't let that fool you into thinking they're a small operation. In fact, they bill themselves as the largest custom home builders in Orange County, committed to guiding clients all the way from initial concept, to completion, and beyond.

What counts as "beyond"? Well, the Patterson Custom Homes prides itself in offering "white glove service" in all of the following home building stages:

  • Initial vision and concept
  • Land acquisition
  • Design and specification
  • Budget and scheduling
  • Construction
  • Completion (including final inspection, last-minute changes, and a comprehensive documents package)

But what really sets Patterson Custom Homes apart is that they offer even more once the home is finished. The Patterson Custom Home Care Program is an innovative service whereby Patterson handles ongoing home inspections, maintenance, and repairs.

So not only do you get the home of your dreams, you get to keep it in tip-top shape with minimal effort.

Honorable Mention

Hillside covered in Luxury coastal homes in Newport Beach CA

The names and companies mentioned above are some of the best custom home builders in Orange County and the surrounding area. However, there are many other options to choose from if you're looking to build your dream home.

Below are some other design and construction companies in Southern California to check out:

Matt White Custom Homes
Brion Jeanette Architecture
E.T.A. Residential Design
TM Grady Builders

Find The Best Custom New Home Builders In Southern California

So there you have it. What an amazing list. And we encourage you to visit the websites of all the companies mentioned here just to peruse their portfolios. You won't be disappointed.

And, if you want more information on the luxury real estate market in Southern California, including Irvine and Newport Beach, then make sure to contact the Jacqueline Thompson Group today! We'd be happy to help.

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