NEWPORT BEACH, Calif. – Jacqueline Thompson of Surterre Properties® has done it again, closing the sale on a spectacular home within Irvine’s prized Shady Canyon® enclave.

Listed for sale at just over $4.75 million, the home located at 54 Vernal Spring offers an aesthetic that’s decidedly French, along with views of the golf course, the canyons and the city lights. And, with five bedrooms and five-and-one-half baths, it offers space and versatility, too.

One of the most accomplished individuals in coastal Orange County’s luxury real estate industry, Jacqueline has facilitated the sale and purchase of many other stunning properties in Shady Canyon. In fact, year to date, Jacqueline has sold nearly $100 million in real estate, $52 million of which were sales in Shady Canyon alone. She’s earned a well-deserved reputation among the market’s most discerning buyers and sellers for her ability to continually deliver phenomenal results.

“Jacqueline’s accomplishments place her among the upper tier of real estate professionals,” remarked Gary Legrand, Surterre’s president and CEO. “Her ongoing success — and the ongoing success of her clients — hasn’t lost momentum because of her sterling work ethic and educated approach.”

At Surterre Properties, Jacqueline has access to an array of unique amenities that allow her to take her brand of service to the next level. From innovative marketing strategies and creative collateral developed by an in-house advertising agency, to the astute application of cutting-edge industry technology, Surterre always goes the extra mile to ensure Jacqueline can devote the majority of her time and efforts where they matter most, with her clients.

NEWPORT BEACH, Calif. – Surterre房产公司的房产经纪Jacqueline Thompson最近又成功地出售了坐落在Irvine的豪华社区Shady Canyon的一处房产。出价超过四百七十五万美金,房产坐落于54 Vernal Spring, 为居住者提供了一种法国风情的氛围,并且房产还可以欣赏到高尔夫球场,山谷和城市灯光的美景。有着五个卧室,五个全规模卫浴和一个半规模卫浴,这套房产不仅具有足够的空间并且更最大可能地为居住者提供了舒适与安逸。

作为橘子郡豪华房地产市场中非常优秀的一名房产经纪人,Jacqueline Thompson曾经在Shady Canyon社区完成过很多买卖房产的交易。事实上,年初至今,Jacqueline就达到了超过了一个亿美金的成交额,单独在Shady Canyon就高达五千二百万美金。因为Jacqueline的努力以及她为顾客赢得的收益为她建立了良好的口碑。

Surterre房产公司的总裁兼CEO,Gary Legrand评价Jacqueline时说道:“Jacqueline的成就使得她专业的房地产市场上得到一席之地,她的成功以及她帮助客户获得的成功归功于她对于工作的热忱以及她良好的教育。在Surterre房产公司,Jacqueline可以使用很多设施和设备,也帮助她的服务质量提升到了更高的一个档次。从创新的市场策略和广告营销到革新的产业高科技,Surterre房产公司永远都为他们的房产经纪人提供最大的支持,使得象Jacqueline这样的房产经纪人可以全身心的投入她的工作并且为客户们提供最好的服务。

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