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Cold and Flu season is upon us and it’s hitting all parts of Orange County with a force.

Here are some of my favorite natural herbs and products for boosting the immune system and fighting infections:

  1. Oil of Oregano - My number one go-to is oil of oregano. This herb is a powerhouse. It fights infection and has powerful antibacterial, antifungal, and antiviral properties.
  2. Probiotics - Probiotics are known to promote a healthy digestive tract and immune system
  3. Raw Garlic - Another favorite, but not so pleasant. Raw garlic contains natural antibiotics.
  4. Vitamins D3 and C - Two essential vitamins for fighting illness.
  5. Ginger, Lemon, and Honey Tea - Making this brew at home is a great way to get the vital nutrients you need to stay healthy,
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Ready to jump into California, coastal living (but without getting wet)? Check out Voyager Rentals and spend a beautiful afternoon cruising around the Balboa Bay in Newport Beach on an electric boat, better known as a Duffy. You can book your reservation online for however many hours you would like, check in right at the Duffy (adjacent to the Balboa Ferry which takes you across to the Balboa Peninsula), and a Voyager employee will be there to show you the ropes.

They even have a little map that demonstrates a great route to put around the bay. When we go, it’s usually with friends, in the evenings. We’ll bring cheese and wine to watch the sunset, then dock at one of the local waterfront restaurants. It’s such a fun experience for anyone as it’s simple

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Are you looking for a gym around Newport Beach, California? Consider Equinox on Jamboree Road for the best exercise facilities, fitness classes, and health-related lifestyle benefits in Orange County.

Benefits Of An Equinox Gym Membership

I know a membership at Equinox can be on the pricey side but some of us need scheduled appointments and the perks of an awesome workout experience to meet our weekly fitness goals (ahem, me).

The Newport Beach Equinox, right off of the 73 toll road and Jamboree is where you will find me 4 days a week.

A great atmosphere, challenging classes with motivational instructors that really pump you up, and of course, if you prefer a personal trainer, you have your pick.

Classes at Equinox, Newport Beach, include:

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Would you like fresher breath, whiter teeth and healthier gums? Coconut oil pulling is one of the best ways to remove bacteria and promote a healthy oral cavity. It literally sucks the toxins from your mouth. It's been known to treat tooth decay, kill bad breath, whiten teeth and prevent cavities. It's best to do first thing in the morning. Take one to two tablespoons of coconut oil and swish for 10-20 minutes, then brush your teeth as you normally would.

I do it upon waking, while I do my morning chores, like making the bed and emptying the dishwasher. When finished, be sure to spit it out in the trash because spitting in your sink will cause it to clog. You can pick up a jar of organic coconut oil at your local Whole Foods at the Fashion Island

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My wife and I thoroughly enjoy renting a “Duffy” electric boat at Duffy Electric Boat Rentals on Pacific Coast Highway in Newport Beach. Newport Harbor is a fantastic area to cruise with friends and family and view the sights. We enjoy going in the early evening (although anytime is a good time) as the sun goes down and harbor lights light up the night. It is very relaxing.

The boats are comfortable with full stereo and an iPod hookup, cushioned seats surrounding a central table to enjoy your own assortment of food and beverages, full canopy, and full window enclosures (in the event the air is chilly).

We also enjoying tying up at one of several great places in Newport Harbor to dine.

Dining options within Newport Bay include:

  • Rusty
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It was Friday night and I was absolutely craving Italian food. Thinking we could go back to the always delicious Pirozzi in Corona Del Mar, or head down to Romeo Cucina in Laguna Beach - both of which rarely disappoint. But on this night, neither option was going to satisfy my appetite for Italian - I knew it was time to try something new. Every time I drive down the 405 to Shady Canyon I pass by a restaurant called Il Fornaio - and since I've heard only good things, it was time I tasted for myself. We made reservations day of and received an excellent table right at 7 PM.

Right away we noticed the exceptional service and attention to detail. Our server was expedient and helpful as we sorted through an expansive menu, and the army of gentlemen in red

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If you are ever in the mood to just soak up the beauty of nature, stroll around and de-stress at Roger's gardens nursery in Newport Beach. I'm always so impressed with their gorgeous potted arrangements and love getting inspiration. I recently had their floral designers make a garland as a centerpiece for a dinner party and it was absolutely etherial!

And they were awesome to work with - it was a bit of a rush order and they were happy to squeeze it in and accommodate me. The shops within are super cute and the Farmhouse restaurant is so delicious, fresh and a great ambiance. Nothing like taking a little time to calm the soul and nature always seems to do that for me!

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As real estate agents, we’re in our cars a lot. I always prefer to have a clean car, even if clients won’t be inside of it. There are those days though where I’m pressed for time and I can’t go to the 100% hand car wash and wait for a good clean. A friend of mine recommended a newer drive-through car wash that is quick, inexpensive, and gives a good car wash if you’re in a hurry.

Fast5Xpress has a location in Eastside Costa Mesa, just down the street from Newport Beach’s Newport Center. You pull in, pay the cashier (who gives you a free small towel for interior cleaning), and pull into the wash. Upon exiting, there is a large amount of self-serve vacuums should you want to clean the inside of your car as well. I’ve found it’s a great way to keep my car

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Each day we’re exposed to many different toxins that can affect our health. In recent years, I’ve been very conscious on reducing the toxins and making better choices for my skin. Roots Beauty in Laguna Beach is a one stop, non-toxic shop for cosmetics, body and hair care.  They feature several cosmetic skin care lines that are organic, non-toxic and sustainable.

I recently tried their new line from Hawaii called Mahalo. Just imagine, tropical island ingredients, meeting your skin, and that equals heaven. My personal favorite from the Mahalo line is the petal mask that can be used daily for soft, plump and glowing skin. Roots carry a variety of products ranging from body scrubs, sunscreens, deodorants, soaps, bath products and so much more. Stop in and

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I was looking for a new barber/ hair stylist a few months ago when my daughter suggested I use her friend’s husband, John Alanouf with TEK Salon in Costa Mesa. The location was appealing as I live in Newport Beach and am just down the street. I was a little hesitant going to a “salon” after using a barber for years. I was initially shocked with his price (compared to a barber), but learned he provides complimentary neck and ear trims between cuts.

Normally, I would have to pay for a regular haircut at that point even though only a light trim was needed. I am glad I used him and will continue going to him. He used a different cutting technique than any other barber/ hair stylist I had previously used. Although, there is not much too cut, I saw a

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